end with my weird dreams and... good temper!
2008-03-07 @ 11:42:28
Yes, it's end... The last dream was about my aunt who wasn't invited for my party. I don't remember ocasion.
Now I haven't got any dreams and I have bad temper, yeah, that's right.
And what about my holidays?
I'm going to Germany only to my penfriend and only for one week. It's not so good, but it's better than if I won't go anywhere. So, I'm in good attitude...
I'm writing with my penfriend from Germany, but it's difficult. Why? Because, although German is so easy, I don't know this language as good as I need to know for writing e-mails to my penfriend from Germany :)
I think it's all. I'm in school right now and I'm very bored...

Bye and kisses :*
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