my next dream
2008-03-03 @ 20:47:32
I don't know if this subject is interesting, but I had the next dream. Yesterday I was dreaming about one boy. I don't know him. I know only that he is from my school and he play on the quitar in band. But he looks very interesting. He is tallish and he has black hair and... black beard. And that's why I like his look. And he was in my dream.

"HE was playing on the quitar. I was looking at him all the time and, suddenly, he glanced at me. I speeded away and I sat on the stairs. After a few seconds he came to me and... he had awful long black beard. And he said: "Do you want to touch it?" I lokked at him in disbelief, but I touched it and replied that it was fantastic, but I felt that my face went red and I had tears in my eyes. After this event I went to my best friend and narrate it her."

And then I woke up.

I felt very weird... I must check what my dreams mean...

Bye! :*
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