I knew that :D
2008-03-21 @ 21:42:00
I'm happy, happy, happy!!!
And do you know why?
My sister's boyfriend is coming to her on Monday :) I'm happy because I can apologize him and we'll talk together, finaly. I want do that, because of my sister. I know that this is bad situation for her: two the closest people for her are not talking together. So, that's why I'm happy.

Today I've been baking all day. It was really tired... Now I came back home from church and I don't want to do anything. I baked special cake, but I don't know how it is called in English => "mazurek". My mother has never baked that kind of cake, so today I asked her if I could bake it. She agreed. I made everything what was in the recipe and then I put pastry into the oven. I gave interesting shape for my baking: the shape of heart. I'm looking forward to taste it. It looks great!

My sisters and my mum have made cakes too. Everyone make always one cake. And in this way we have always four cakes :) Yummy!!!

And how are going your arrangement for Easter? Are you baking?

PS. I wish everyone Happy Easter!!! :*
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