why don't I have blue eyes???
2008-03-20 @ 08:40:53
Today's problem is: the colour of eyes.
No, I was kidding :)

Finaly free time! I can do what I want to do... NO! Unfortunately, it isn't true. You know, I must cleaning the house with my sister. Fortunately I have sister, because it isn't easy to clean all house even though it is very big. We have twelve rooms: five bedrooms (everybody has his own bedroom and my parents have one) one kitchen, two bathrooms, one dining room, one living-room, one cabinet and one dressing-room. Oh dear, it's much to clean...
After the cleaning I must learn English, because I have a test (from vocabulary). Then I must learn other subject like polish, history and german...
Ok, so I must end. My sisters woke up and we must start cleaning.

Bye! kisses :*
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