my weird dream
2008-03-02 @ 11:17:59
At this time on Wednesday I'll be going on a trip. We are going to Krakow to the theatre. I've been only one time in the theatre. It was great and that's why I'm happy for this trip :)

I don't know what to write, because my life is very boring... I invite my friend to my house on a weekend, but she couldn't come so I'm alone.

Do you remember my last dream? It was about this shop in which I destroy many phones, remember that? So I had one more weird dream. I've got invitation on big party, so I put on beautiful dress and went to that party. When I entered to the building where the party was I saw that this is my school. I looked around. Then I saw when my schoolmate entered with my ex-boyfriend. I was very angry so I hit him! Then I started to speed away and he run after me. And then I woke up. Uff.. it was really strange dream, wasn't it?

Thanks this weird dreams I wake up very calm and cheerful. They are very good for me and my temper. :)

What do you think about my dreams?
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