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2008-03-12 @ 20:04:38
Thanks for your comments! I think that I'll started to planning my future. It's high time! :D

Today I realised that my sister (Justyna) have a boyfriend. Nothing special, I know. But who is this boy? And that's weird! It's my eks-boyfriend!!! What do you think about it? My younger sister (Edyta) says that her behaviour is wrong, because it's not fair. He was my boyfriend and she shouldn't have started with him. My friend Ola have the same opinion, but... I can't see nothing wrong with it! Our neightbour had a boyfriend, but he broke up with her. Now her sister is wife for her eks-boyfriend. Is that wrong? If she loves him... NO. So that's why I think that my sister is doing nothing wrong. Maybe it looks very unusual (because sisters don't do things like that), but I don't care about it. Ah, and he doesn't talk with me. He is angry, because he thinks that he is hurted not me. But it's too long story.
What do you think about it? Is it weird?


P.S. Tomorrow I'm writing test from English -> Reported speech. Keep your fingers crossed!
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