the blue tent :D
2008-03-11 @ 12:45:47
Thank you very much for your comments.
Who are u, mr "takijeden"? I really want to know it :)


What can I write? I know! It's one of my big problems, but... it isn't very interesting... eh...

So, maybe something abou my future? Because I sometimes wondered what I should do in the future. Where I ought to go, what to do...? And I was thinking about my studies (is it good word?). I really don't know what I should choose. Can you give me some useful pages where I'll find advices? Or maybe you have some advices to me? Please...

Last time I was dreaming about High School in Germany. I lost in this big building and I couldn't find the way to my home... It was weird. I was talking with German but in English, hehe... It was interesting :)

It's all for now, bye!
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