free time for me, please!
2008-03-10 @ 18:50:38
I was thinking about this blog a lot. Thanks this page I improved my English and I'm still improving it. I realise that. But sometimes I think about end with it. Yes, because of my free time which I haven't a lot. Maybe it's stupid, but always when I begin something I don't keep it longer that one month. For example: I promised myself that I would be running every day for improving my form and figure. And what with it? Nothing! Maybe I was running two times, no more. I must have been read very unusual book so I read maybe three chapters and I stopped. Why? Because it was boring.
When I forgot do it in one day -> I didn't do it in the next and next and next... and I stopped doing something in this way, eh... And now I sometimes don't want to write on this page, but... I'm trying to change it. I'm looking for subject which will be very fascinating and interesting for everyone.
So... I'm looking for it :)

Bye!!! :*
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