at the end of week
2008-02-28 @ 19:10:43
This week was very calm and I wasn't learning too much, but I got a few good marks :) Tomorrow I have only two lessoms so I think that I'll go on ice-creams with my classmates :) Is it too early for ice-creams? I don't thinks so. If tomorrow will be beautiful weather I'll go on ice-creams with them :)

What else?

I had a test from English. It was the test with twelve tenses, heh. I got 5. I know that I don't use it good, but I try and that's the most important. To day I wrote one more test from English and I fall it, I know. It was very difficult, not grammar, but vocabulary! I'm cross with myself, why? Because I could write it better or try to learn it! Oh, I'm so angry.

I try to learn from German, but it is not as easy as I thought. Sometimes I feel that I waste my time for it, but when I think about my holiday I say: You're gonna do this! And I try more...

I wrote very long letter to my aunt which lives in Germany. I don't think that she want to read it, hehe. It was too long...

So, it's all for now, bye!!!
I am superticious
2008-02-27 @ 17:39:52
I had a dream. Very weird dream:
I was walking down the street which I didn't know. The weather was bad. It was cloudy, cold and rain was raining. I went to the shop. There are telephones. I was seeing them when, suddenly, I skidded and hit in exhibition. I broke down many phones. Then the owner of this shop came to me and said that I must pay 6000 zl, because I broke down twenty seven phones. He wasn't angry, he was full of sympathy for me, but it was terrible!

I must check what that's mean. And what do you think?
hard saturday
2008-02-24 @ 11:45:01
I have problem with my sister. She's 18 and she think that she can do everything what she want. But...she does things which are really terrible! And yesterday...she did one of these things. I don't know what I should do. I have never thought that she would be so silly and I let her go to "party". Oh my God, I really don't know. help me! What I should do? What I should tell her?
We used to understand ourself, but now she don't want to listen to me. She don't realise how wrong is her behaviour...

I don't know what to write... I try to help her but if she don't want any help, who will help her?
I hope that she'll understand that she was wrong and I'll help her then.

It's all..., always problems...

...but I'll never give up!

my strange temper :/
2008-02-21 @ 19:27:01
Yesterday I had very good temper. I felt that I'm important for a few people. Yes, I felt it...

Today I'm sad, miserable, depressed and tired, because I have been learning all evening yesterday (almost until midnight). Moreover today I was writing three tests: one was from English, one from German and one from Geographic. And you know what? I couldn't write anything! I wrote only simple exercices, which everybody will write without learning! I'm so cross with me!!! Maybe I shouldn't have learnt so long or...or what? I really don't know. Eh... I want to put back watch by this moment when I was writing German test. It'll be so good and simple solution of my problem.

Bye! kisses for everyone! :*:*:*
2008-02-19 @ 17:53:54
I don't know why you have so bad attitude to learning German. I used to think that this is very boring language, but now, after my winterbreak, I changed my opinion. And you know why? Because while I was learning it in school I thought that it's useless. But now I know that is not true. I was so sad while other people were talking together in German. I couldn't say anything! I decided that I'll be learning this language. In this way I'll speak two foreign languages, not fluently, but I'll understand Germans :) I'm going to fly to Germany two more times in this year so I have a reason :)

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