yeah, my life is beautiful!
2008-01-04 @ 21:44:59
I love everybody, I love everything, I love life!!!

Why I have so good humour? I don't know. My boyfriend was calling. We have been talking for one hour! I like talking with him so much...

I have a good day. And I had good day yesterday, and the day before I had a bad day when Pawel arrived, but only in the evening. I think that life is beautiful and I know that my family is the best.

Today I've been very famous from 5 seconds. It's very short, but it's fantastic! Everybody was shouting my name. My teacher said that I was very good jumper(is it a good word? I'm to lazy and I don't want to go for a dictionary.) I mean she said that I jumped very good :)

Some stranger man said to me that I was very pretty and she asked me if my grandma had name "Wrona". I looked for him in amazement and I sayed nothing. I couldn't! He kissed my hand and say "goodnight". I think that it's strange, my grandma really had that name!

I want to write many things, but my note wiil be too long and nobody will read it, heh.

Goodnight! kisses! :*
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