2008-01-30 @ 23:20:21
What can I write? I really don´t know. I like Munich very much. I have little problem with language, because I sometimes forget in which language I should speak. I don´t speak the German language very well, but I am learning it here.

I forget about English. I have big problems with writing this note, really. help me! please...

I´m reading ''potop''. I like that book. I have read first part of it and I have started the next so far. It´s very interesting book, I think. I will have been reading it by the end of my winter break. I try. I think I´ll do it.

Ok, I should sleep, but I can´t do it. I don´t know why. I know that tomorrow I´ll be tired, very tired... :)

so... Goodnight!

P.S. I have problems with my eks-boyfriend. He want to be with me and he will do everything! I´m scared. I´m glad thgat I´m here, because I don´t need to see him... What can I do? I won´t be here forever!
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