Life is beautiful!
2008-01-17 @ 20:58:07
Life is beautiful! Why I think so? Because I have good marks in school, I have many friends, I like my school and teachers, and I have marvelous temper!

Nothing special have happened in recent week. I've been going to school, I've been learning and talking with my friends. I don't know why, but everything is good for me. I'm optimistic and although I missed the bus I was smiling, really. I feel that spring is coming, maybe that's the reason why I feel so good.

I must read "Hamlet" but I don't think that I will have read this book by tomorrow. I haven't it. :D

What else? I really don't know. I ought to be here every day, because I'll be writing about everything what happened in each day, but now I don't remember so I must end.

Bye! Kisses for everybody! :*:*:*

P.S. And remember: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!
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