My school is great!
2007-09-26 @ 17:34:48
Hi! I haven't written recently, I know, but I really haven't got any time! My school is great it's true, but I must learn more and more. It's hard, but I have good marks, so I haven't got reason to worried or be upset :)

I don't leave comments at your blogs but I read them, really! I see new blogs and I'm happy that you write them :)

I have big problems with my friends, especially with boys :(. How can I choose ones of my friends? I can't write anything else, unfortunatelly.

I like english and I'm happy that I write this blog :D.

You read my site at times... don't you? I hope so :)

I forgot
2007-09-15 @ 13:40:03
Oh, I forgot write that I thanks for your comments :) If I have time, I'll write comments for you, but now I must go, bye!
2007-09-15 @ 13:36:52
I have very good day. I've smiled for 2 days without end... hihi :) I don't know why.

Yesterday I was in "coctajl bar" with my new friends. It was great! We ate diffrent sweet things: ice-crems, frozen coffes, chocolate, capuccino and strawberry creams... mmmm it was delicious! And we talked about everythink! I like my friends very much. I can't wait for next meet...

In school is wonderful. I have first mark. It's 5! But I had hard tests and I don't know how high marks I'll get. Now I must go, because I must learn, unfortunately, so, bye!
Why is it so hard???S. I'm sorry that I don't leave comments
2007-09-09 @ 14:39:34
I have great school! I like my new friends, I like my new teachers, I like my subject, I like everythink what is in my school!!!

Yeah... but it isn't true :( I like my new friends - it is true, but my teachers are demanding. My Polish teacher haven't got smile, really! When she try to smile she have strange face... ugh... it's scary... Teacher who teach me physic is... (I don't know how I can called that)... He is scary.
I like my english teacher very much. She is really good teacher.

Today we have church fete. I have some visitors. Oh, no! Is it so late? I must end because I have homework, althought my visotors are waiting! Maybe I'll write at next weekend! Bye!

P.S. I'm sorry that I don't leave comments at your blogs but I really haven't got any time! Thank you for your comments, kisses :*
2007-09-05 @ 21:56:34
It's probably my last note, becouse the school has started and I haven't got any free time! It's strange, but it's true. Teachers give so many homework at start. I wonder how many they will give in a future...

Today I had test. Our english teacher made this test because she want to know how much we know this language. They were fifty questions about everythink from grammar! Tomorrow she will correct this test. I'm so scared! I think that writing blog isn't enought to learn english so I'm must stop writing. Maybe I'll write, but very rarely. I have other dutys.

So good bye my friends :)
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