...:::Great fun?:::...
2007-08-20 @ 13:48:06
Yesterday I was in Pogwizdów again. We had a great fun! When we was coming back home, my bike spoiled.. ehh. I was thinking that we'll go on foot from Pogwizdów! It was a night and we have eight kilometres to Jasienna! But... we have good friend so... you know... One of them helped us. He take our bikes into the car and he drive us to Jasienna :) We have incredible lucky. "Fortune favours fools" hihi :)
Today we are helping priest...yeah. It's funny but it's true. I'm very tired. Now we are having a short break so I'm using it for writing :) I must take a rest. Maybe I'll write something in the evening, but not now. Uff...
See ya! :*
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