2007-08-15 @ 12:04:09
Last time I wrote three days ago, so I think it adequate time to writing. I was boring before I started to writing. Now I haven't got so much free time thats why I write so rarely... hihi :)

I counted how long I have been learning english. And you know how long? Maybe you could guess? You read my notes so maybe you can determine? I know that I do many mistakes. Please...could you do that for me? I'm very nosy. :) I'll wait for your comments. The true answer I'm going to write in the next note.

Today I want to write about my dog - Lucky. He is so cute. He has got nice black and brown fur. He enjoy when I(or my sisters) play with him but when he is angry he can be very aggressive and dangerous...hihi. But he's very small and he couldn't do something dangerous. He has only two months. I love that dog. Maybe I'll add his photo on blog, but not now, because he don't let me do this photo...hihi :)

At the end greetings for Lukas, of course and for my best friends... I hope that others schools can't separate us! :*

see ya and kisses for all :)
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