...:::I change my blog!:::...
2007-08-11 @ 21:57:11
Thank you for all advices about my blog looks! I change it from zero to...other blog, hihi! How you see now it's quite pretty... :)

Maybe tomorrow I'll write something else but today I'm too sleepy, bye!

Greetings for Lukas, who probably is reading my blog now, kisses :*
2007-08-11 @ 13:32:48
When I was reading your great English Blogs I felt that my blog is "empty". yeah, Maybe it's stupid, but I can't change my blog looks. I don't know how I can do that. Help me please...:( Your blogs are so beautiful!
I'll wait for your answers, bye!
Thanks :)
2007-08-11 @ 10:25:47
I have just started write this site and I have already had many advices. Thank you for all of them! I'm very happy because I have some reader who wants to write comments for me. And I thank you for that.

Yesterday I was in my friends with my younger sister. We played football. It's strange because I usually don't play football. After play we came back to home. It was late so we were surprise when we saw our cousins who visited us. We were very happy. We played together in computer games and they leave at 11.30pm. I have gone sleep late so I'm sleepy today.

I must finish because my cousins are going to come to us today too so I must be ready for their visit. :)

Thank you for your interest. Bye!
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