2007-08-31 @ 19:47:47
Hi! I can't write too much, because I'm going to meet with my friends! We have a special, maybe very strange, place: a bus stop. Yeah.. it's very strange place to meet with friends but we have got any interesting places to meet! We live in small village so we can go anywhere... Sometimes peoples say that we can't sit there, because it's public place not for funny and meeting... ehh.. Yes? So where can we meet?
We like our bus stop (is this good name?). So we'll meet there always although people are not happy because of our meet :)

What do you think about it? Please write. Are we very bad because our meet-place? I hope not :)

Kisses for all!!

P.S. I'm still happy!!! :D
2007-08-28 @ 21:59:45
Yeah... happiness - thats what I'm feeling now... Why? because I'm optimist? maybe... but it isn't the most important reason... Maybe I'll write about this later :) :D I feel light like a cloud, and I know that I can fly... I feel it inside of me :) What do you think? What is it? Can you answer me? Whats that feeling?
I'm optimist, I'm optimist, I'm optimist!!! I like it :D

"I never had a dream come true til the day I found you!"

I'll be here tomorrow... I hope... :* Bye!

P.S. I'm very very sory for a mistakes, please correct me...
...:::Pirates of the Caribbean:::...
2007-08-24 @ 11:21:27
Hi! Today I want write about movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". I like this movie very much, but not the most :)
So far they have appeared three movies:
* "Pirates of the Caribbean - The course of the Black Pearl"
* "Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead man's chest"
* "Pirates of the Caribbean - At world's end"

I have seen all parts of that movie. In my opinion it's great and interesting movie. I like it very much, because in "Pirates of the Caribbean" acting my favourite actress:

Keira Knightley:

and once of my favourite actors:

Orlando Bloom:

At first I saw that film one year ago when I was being on holidays at my aunt's house. My uncle like this movie so he recomend it. Than we saw first part of that movie "The course of the Black Pearl" which arised in 2003. Last year in cinema appeared sequel: "Dead man's chest". We was in cinema on that movie with our uncle who "infect" us.. hihi:) In this year appeared next sequel: "At world's end" and we saw that in cinema again but without our uncle :(
In my opinion the most interesting part is "The course..." but next parts are as well as first.
I think that everybody should see that movie. I recomend that movie! :)

What do you think about it? I hope that you like my note and first of all "Pirates of the Caribbean" :)

2007-08-22 @ 23:21:05
Hi! Today I was by the lake with my family, unfortunately without Justine (my older sister). She had a practice. She is going to be a waitress. :)

It's too late to write somethink. I'll write note tommorow :)

I have a question: Do you like movie: "Pirates of the Caribean"? Please write in comments :)

Thanks, bye!
2007-08-21 @ 12:57:41
My favourite singer is Avril Lavigne. I like her songs very much. I think that her the best song is "When you're gone". You can see video - I have it in links =>
I like the most a few fragments of this song:)

* "...and the days feel like years when I'm alone..."
* "When you walk away I count the steps that you take"
* "Do you see how much I need you right now?"
* "Everything that I do reminds me of you"
I can listen to this song without end, over and over again. But please... don't think that I'm stupid or sad like that girls on the pictures... I'm optimist :) Remember that!
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