My daily life
2007-12-15 @ 15:50:14
"I'm in school. I'm very happy. I'm talking with my new friends. After school we're going to many places, we are happy all time...."

....but I have the secon life. The life where I have many problems and I'm smiling very rarely. In school I forget about this life, but now... I'm thinking about my problems. I quarrel with my family, but why? I don't know! I'm looking for the reason and I'm so angry. Maybe I'm optimistic, yeah, sometimes my friends ask me: "Do you have bad days?" and I answer: "No! I'm always happy!" and I smile. But they don't know my real life.

Today my parents are very angry, because they ask my uncle for thing which is very important for them and he ignored them! I don't believe it! I've never thinked that my unkle whom I like very much could be so bad. I'm sad, very sad and upset.

I will be waiting...
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