I don't know
2007-12-29 @ 17:27:09
Maybe I'm stupid, but I never know what title I should write. Since I remember I've always thought about title more than note, really! Sometimes I write note first and than I think about title, but it doesn't change very much, heh...

I'm really stupid if I write about title! There are so many other things... For example New Year, winter break...

I'll spend the last day 2007 year at home with my friends. I think it's the best choice. I'm looking forward to it! I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think it'll be happy for everybody especially for people that didn't like year 2007 :)
I'm not thinking about 2007 year. I don't want say exactly whether it was a good or bad year. No. I think that every year is different and I can't say it.

On 28th January I have my birthday :D And I have two special presents for this ocasion :) The first present is from (maybe they don't know about it, but...) the government of our country, because we have first day of winter break :) The second present is from my godmother. She invited me and my sister to her house in Germany for all two weeks! I'm so happy. My uncle and my godmother's husband is German and he doesn't speak polish so we'll talk in English :) I'm happy, because it'll be the next lesson and I'll improve my english :D

So I wish you VERY VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR once again :)

end :(
2007-12-27 @ 14:35:23
I don't want go to school!!!
I have so much to do. I have many tests and homework.... ehh

I am a godmother :) It's funny feeling, because I'm only sixteen...

I don't know what can I write, really... Maybe I'll write tomorrow, so bye bye!
2007-12-21 @ 15:56:28
"Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming!" I'm looking forward it! I'm so happy, I love Christmas!

I'm tired. I have so much work, I must help my mom. We have been cleaning house for all week! It's very hard, but when I'm thinking about christmas I'm happy :D

I got very good mark from English test - 6!!! I've never thinked that I could be so good, heh...

I must end, I'm going to be a godmother so I must go to church today because we (I mean I, godfather and parents) have got a meet.

Bye! I'll try to be here before 24 December, but If I forget I wish you a marry christmas!!!

My daily life
2007-12-15 @ 15:50:14
"I'm in school. I'm very happy. I'm talking with my new friends. After school we're going to many places, we are happy all time...."

....but I have the secon life. The life where I have many problems and I'm smiling very rarely. In school I forget about this life, but now... I'm thinking about my problems. I quarrel with my family, but why? I don't know! I'm looking for the reason and I'm so angry. Maybe I'm optimistic, yeah, sometimes my friends ask me: "Do you have bad days?" and I answer: "No! I'm always happy!" and I smile. But they don't know my real life.

Today my parents are very angry, because they ask my uncle for thing which is very important for them and he ignored them! I don't believe it! I've never thinked that my unkle whom I like very much could be so bad. I'm sad, very sad and upset.

I will be waiting...
2007-12-08 @ 16:24:24
I'm so so tired. The only thing that I want to do is sleeping. I want to bed! But I can't. I'm playing volleyball with my sisters tonight. I don't remember that I wrote about it or not, but in each september we are playing in basketball or volleyball. :)

This week was good, I think. I wrote many tests, but there wasn't too difficult.

I was (and I'm always) good girl so Santa Claus gave me the presents. (I had 3 Santa Claus: my parents, my grandma and my boyfriend :)) I got a lot of sweets, chocolates, chips although I'm not small girl, but I like it. I got silver necklace and great shoes too. It's very funny :)

I'm so tired...
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