Saturday :)
2007-11-10 @ 10:10:58
Today is Saturday. What will I do? Hmm... at first I must tidy my room and kitchen, because in this week I'm cleaning kitchen. We (I mean me and my sisters) have a week's duty. While I'm cleaning kitchen, my sisters are cleaning corridor and bathroom and their rooms of course :)
After cleanning I'm laerning with my friend - Ola. We are going to have very difficult test on Wednesday.

And about my "book".... what can I say? I know that writing is very difficult and I need have much patience to do it. I've written one chapter so far and I haven't idea to next chapters... :)But I'll try.

I have big problem with my boyfriend. I'm thinking about end our friendship. I have many reasons to do it. I don't love him, I think... Maybe I write that because I've never loved any boy... no, there was one, but it was childish feeling. He don't keep a promise! It's very important to me, but he don't understand that. He always say: "Don't bother with that. Why that disturb you?" I'm very angry when my friends tell me what he say about me or that he didn't keep a promise again. Those are the most important reasons...but one reason don't let me do that. I don't want be alone! I want to change him and I try to explain him that his behaviour makes me angry. I must have someone who can be always with me when I need him. I'm sad and I don't think about how I'm writing but what I'm writing. I hope that you understand this and please help me. What should I do? I should end it or talk with him seriously and try make him better?

I'm sad because of him! It's the first time I have been sad! I want be optimist again, please help me!
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