little problem
2007-11-24 @ 14:39:09
I must write homework about person which I admire. Precise title of this article is: "The person I admire most". About who I should write? Please help me!
Hard week
2007-11-23 @ 19:05:17

I come back and I'm optimistic again! :D

I have very strange week. There was a few hard lessons and I was boring. Next week will be worse, because we are going to have many test and I must learn. My dad told me that I learn too small! I'm thinking that he want make me swot! Ehh... He don't see me when I'm learning and he think that I'm not learning at all. But it isn't true! I have good marks and I feel confidently. Our (I mean me and my friends from class) parents are going to have a meet with our teacher and I'm looking forward to it! My dad will see that I'm really learning!

So for today it is everything :) Bye!
2007-11-18 @ 19:11:14
Yes, it's true...

I was a toy and this is the end :(
new toy?
2007-11-18 @ 11:50:54
Somebody told me that my boyfriends are poor, because for me there are only toys... so now I'm looking for new "toy", I mean boy. Maybe he was right? I have boyfriend, but I'm still thinking about another boys... It is not my fault! My boyfriend is not fair... :( He is never doing that I ask him to do! What are you thinking about it? There are so many wonderful boys and I'm with him! Why? I can't explain it. I am waiting to next Tuesday, then everything will explain! :)
It's not so easy
2007-11-12 @ 20:44:18
Maritka! Thank you very much for your advices. I'm happy because you want to help me :) So I must write about meet in Sunday. When I went to place of meeting I was very angry. I told him that I'm so angry and sad because of him, so he apologized me and he promised that he'll change himself :D And I gave him the last chance. I think I didn't do that because he only promised, but he show me how much I mean to him. So I thought that I have nothing to lose and I told him that he has the last chance. Maybe he'll really change for me? I hope so, now I'm waiting...

I had two tests today. I think I wrote it good. I forgot to give my teacher my homework about illness and I probably got the worst mark - NDST!!! I had been doing this homework for all Sunday! I'm so angry because of my memory! I am always forgetting the most important things! But I'm going to try to apologize my teacher and give him my homework tomorrow. I hope that he'll take it :)

It's all for today. Thank you Maritka once again. You are very helpful person. What do you think about my decision? Is it good?

Bye for now! Kisses! :*
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