My life :)
2007-10-28 @ 12:39:49
When I started writing blog I promised you that I add my photos and photo of my dog, house. So, as you see, on my first picture there is my wonderful house which I lived in. :) It's fantastic, isn't it?

I wrote you about my lovely dog Lucky :) It is his photo: is sweet, isn't it?

I wrote that I have three siblings: two sisters and one brother. And this is our photo:
And this is my picture:
What are you think about my life?
Yeah... :)
2007-10-28 @ 10:33:24
I haven't been writing for a long time! I must write long note, because I have so much to write. :)

At first I want write about my aunt's invite. I don't know when I'll go to Germany, but I hope that our plans went change. My aunt is going to come to us on 26th December, so everythink will explain :)

In school I have good marks, I think. My the worst mark is three on chemistry. I hate it! I have some marks on English, the worst mark on that subject is 4, because I have never known irregular verbs, hihi :)

I think that about that mystery(? :D) boy I'll write later :D

Thank you for your comments :)

I think that I must learn Biology, because I am writing test tomorow, so I must end, bye!
2007-10-14 @ 20:38:35
Thank you for your comments :)

Oh, God, I don't have time for anything! My aunt asked my mother abot my free time, heh. :)

I have a reason to happy as always :) My aunt (my godmother)invited me and my sister to her home in Germany! I like ride there very much so I'm really happy! I must learn more english because I want talk with my uncle who's German. I know, I should learn German but I can speak English better :) my uncle can speak english fluently, certainly:)So I am really looking forward to my departure into Germany.

I'm so happy :) I have known somebody :)But about it I'll write next time, I think :)

2007-10-01 @ 19:34:46
What can I write about? hmmm... I'm still optimistic, I still go to school in Nowy Sącz, I still learn, I still write this blog and I still like you!

So, it isn't new. And I don't have time to write so I must go, I want to know that you haven't forgotten me and it's one of reasons why I write, please correct my mistakes! I don't have time to thinking about them.

I'm still waiting for long weekend! It will be in November.

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