that's scary.... ;(
2009-02-27 @ 13:14:43
Thank you very much for your advices, but... I think I'm not ready to tell the truth...
Any way I have sth different on my head now. My father is in hospital. He had a difficult operation and... I'm afraid of him. I don't want to lose my dad. Doctors are saying that everything will be good, but... probably threatening will last very long and he will be in a hospital bed on Easter!!! It's terrible!
I'm afraid of our future too... future of me, my mother and my siblings while he will be lying in hospital... I'm so scared!!!
I want to cry... ;(

Sometimes unpleasant situations happen to us but the end of them is good. So everything will be allright, I'm sure.

After rain comes sun so don't worry...everything will be good.You will see:)
Try to make the best of the situation. In such circumstances as this, you can easily strengthen the bonds you have with you parents and siblings. I can’t tell if everything will be all right as I am not a prophet but I may advise you to look positively towards the future. You will not help you father looking all depressed and sad. Give him your love. It’s very important in hard times.
I feel very sorry for you but as ppl before me, I think you should not worry but stay possitive. I guess your family needs you and your support more than ever.

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