2009-02-20 @ 16:40:38
I've watched one very interesting movie recently. That was a story about poor girl who wanted to be a singer. She must have been working to achieve her goals, but... many difficulties in her life fence her to lie. Having watched it I said that I'd never lie in order to achieve or hide sth. Today I realised that it isn't as simple as I thought ;( I lied sb, because I didn't want him to think bad or in another way as I want him to think about me. It was a little lie, or better - it was a hidden truth. What should I do??? I don't want to tell a truth... I'm scared what will people think about me ;(

It’s an ethical problem and one that you must solve yourself. If you are catholic then do as the Bible says you should do- this is your authority in this case. If you don’t believe in God there is no one other than yourself that should decide. Lie or not to lie? That is a question.

And what your answer shall be?

Great story about the girl. I like it:)
There is one of the biggest people problem. We don't want to lie but sometimes we are afraid to tell the true...I also don't know what should you do. It also depents of situation. Sometimes lie is better way but it also can bring on lots of problems. All in all you must consider it very precisely...advantages and disadvantages. One lie breeds another -remember.

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