It was really great!!!
2008-11-22 @ 08:17:44

I'm stupid. I don't know what can I think about my school. Once I think that I'm in bad place, but sometimes i feel very good especially in school!

Yesterdey my teacher read our marks from the previous test. I got 4. And? It's really weird, because I thought that I've written this test very bad. And now I'm happy ;)

But... not about school. I must remember!!! ;D Tomorrow we are going to play Volleyball as always. But my sister feel very bad and I don't know if she is going with us. And this is problem, because she has a driving licence ;) Yesterday she broke one lamp in mum's car, heh. But it wasn't her fault!

O.K. What I'm writing? Oh, yes, I must go. My little brother is driving me crazy!!! BYE ;*

Congratulations :)
It's very beautiful/amazing. you can write nice text use only simple words/tenes.

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