2008-11-18 @ 16:19:22
I've just written my Geography test! It was so difficult and I'm angry with me, really! I could write it better, but... It's a thing of the past, heh ;/

I'm waiting for my favourite lessons I've ever had! No, this isn't a lessons, it's a pleasure! Volleyball training!
Have I written already that I love Volleyball? I don't think so, so I'm doing it now: I love VOLLEYBALL!

Recently I've noticed that I like it better than my previous best sport - Basketball! I Love it!!! So that's why I must end now, I'm going to play my best sport ;)

You can always correct your mark:) I don't like voleball but It just because I'm not good in this sport:p Buy I love Basketball.
Yeah, I like better volleyball than football :)
I like Basketball too ;)

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