Some rest and free time?!
2008-11-09 @ 20:48:29
Not for me ;( I'm going to learn and work, and learn and for! It's not easy to be a good student. You are always thinking about learning and you haven't any time for yourself... and, as I said - it's not easy.

I haven't written so long... I thought that I should do it again although I have no time. Writing makes my live better: I do sth different and I'll learn sth and there are many other advatages of writing. ;)

I'm curious what's hapenning with my English. I have no motivation to learn it... I don't know what I should do in the future, despite my aunt wants me to go to Germany and learn on the best University in that country. It's hard, but this is the only one thing that makes me want to do anything. OK. I'll stop with it. Where is my happiness? I must go and find it again!!! ;D


So tha's great. Learning abroad...just fantastic. New country, new people, new experience, new life. Sounds Great.
Yes, It sounds great. It's great opportunity for you. If my English was better, I would try to learn abroad too. But it won't come true. Good luck:)

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