he is really handsome :D
2008-03-26 @ 17:15:29
Today I had the next test from English. It wasn't difficult, but I think that I'll get 4...again. I'm angry with me, because it'll be 4th mark which is not good for me :( If I get next 4 I won't have 5 on the end and I'll be very sad and miserable. And I know why I have so bad marks. Because I'm learning more German now and I depended on a luck when I was writing that tests. And you know why I have problems? I lose many points because I forget about some reguls, for example: I write "you was, they was" it's really stupid but it's true. And other example: I forgot about "s" when I use Present Perfect (3 os, l.poj). Eh, can you help me? How can I remember about that? How can I cope with my mistakes? Have you any idea? Please help me!!!

I also often forget about "s". I don't know what we should do :( But I don't have English at school.
And don't worry. 4 is quite good mark. I hope more succesful will be next test.


I wanna ask something else.
Who is really handsome? ;)
I also had the same problems...and sometimes I have. It's just stupid you're right but it's just simple mistake and we can't do anything;(
Don't worry about your mark. You have much time so you can got lots of good marks. You should talk a lot on lessons. I also was afraid but my teacher saw that I can speak english good so she gave me 5:) Everything will be ok:) You'll see. (And I often write "anglish" not "english" it's also stupid)

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