I couldn't see something like that too :D
2008-03-18 @ 20:18:58

The last title was about nothing, really. I didn't know how I can titled my post so I wrote it :)

Today I have better temper and I feel happy. I was thinking a lot about this relationship and I realised that they are in love and I don't want to bother them. If they really love together, they can, no, they SHOULD be happy. I wish them the best. My dad said her (my sister) that there was nothing wrong with it if they want be together. I want see my sister delighted and cheerful although I can be sad because of it. Her hapiness is the most important for me :)

So I'll be happy if my sister is happy too :)

Good bye!!!

You're really honest person:) You should be proud with yourself. Kisses
sylvier is right. I'm not in good relation with my sister;/
And I'm happy if you're happy :)I'm glad that you've came back. Kisses
good choice my dear :* let'em be happy. So...How R You ? :) I hope You're fine. Kiss's ;*:*

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