2008-01-30 @ 23:20:21
What can I write? I really don´t know. I like Munich very much. I have little problem with language, because I sometimes forget in which language I should speak. I don´t speak the German language very well, but I am learning it here.

I forget about English. I have big problems with writing this note, really. help me! please...

I´m reading ''potop''. I like that book. I have read first part of it and I have started the next so far. It´s very interesting book, I think. I will have been reading it by the end of my winter break. I try. I think I´ll do it.

Ok, I should sleep, but I can´t do it. I don´t know why. I know that tomorrow I´ll be tired, very tired... :)

so... Goodnight!

P.S. I have problems with my eks-boyfriend. He want to be with me and he will do everything! I´m scared. I´m glad thgat I´m here, because I don´t need to see him... What can I do? I won´t be here forever!

Hi, thank you for your comment.
I haven't read "Potop" yet, but maybe I will do it:)
I understand you, because sometimes I can't sleep, too and during the next day I sleep at school:) Your ex-boyfriend wants to be with you for any price?! I think you have to break contack with him, even you are scared. Maybe he will be dangerous...?
I hope you will visit England, because it's beautiful place!
Mayby you should tell him that you don't love him and if he press on you'll be angry and feel like someone who havn't opinions. You must tell him that he can't enforce you.
German, English, Polish- you're a trilingual girl:) I've noticed that an ability to talk with foreign people in their [not our Polish ones]native languages give me enormous satisfaction! I wish you find the same. Goodluck!:)

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