at last!
2008-01-26 @ 22:49:32
yeah, at last I´m here :) I haven´t got any planes for spending my free time, but I´ll have ideas surely, but not today, I´m too tired.

On the airport in Munich I lost. I didn´t know where I should have gone. It was funny, but finaly I asked some men where was the place which I was looking for (but I didn´t know what that place´s name was), hehe, but that men knew :) It was really funny. It was the first time that I had been in the airport in Munich. Before that I had been only in Stuttgart (there is smaller airport, much smaller.

I think that´s all. I´m tired so I´ll be sleeping. GOOD NIGHT!

I really jealous you:) I heve never been to abroad. And also havn't flew plane...Have a nice time:) Take care
I also never been abroad. and I jealous you! kisses:*

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