2007-12-08 @ 16:24:24
I'm so so tired. The only thing that I want to do is sleeping. I want to bed! But I can't. I'm playing volleyball with my sisters tonight. I don't remember that I wrote about it or not, but in each september we are playing in basketball or volleyball. :)

This week was good, I think. I wrote many tests, but there wasn't too difficult.

I was (and I'm always) good girl so Santa Claus gave me the presents. (I had 3 Santa Claus: my parents, my grandma and my boyfriend :)) I got a lot of sweets, chocolates, chips although I'm not small girl, but I like it. I got silver necklace and great shoes too. It's very funny :)

I'm so tired...

I am convinced that you are really nice girl.
;P It is funny for me as well.
Take care bye;*
Hello. So you're a good girl ;D nice. I can't say it about myself but I got some presents too. I love the mood of Christmas...
hi there:)
Its good you gave presents, I got too.
He came to me three times:D

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