It's not so easy
2007-11-12 @ 20:44:18
Maritka! Thank you very much for your advices. I'm happy because you want to help me :) So I must write about meet in Sunday. When I went to place of meeting I was very angry. I told him that I'm so angry and sad because of him, so he apologized me and he promised that he'll change himself :D And I gave him the last chance. I think I didn't do that because he only promised, but he show me how much I mean to him. So I thought that I have nothing to lose and I told him that he has the last chance. Maybe he'll really change for me? I hope so, now I'm waiting...

I had two tests today. I think I wrote it good. I forgot to give my teacher my homework about illness and I probably got the worst mark - NDST!!! I had been doing this homework for all Sunday! I'm so angry because of my memory! I am always forgetting the most important things! But I'm going to try to apologize my teacher and give him my homework tomorrow. I hope that he'll take it :)

It's all for today. Thank you Maritka once again. You are very helpful person. What do you think about my decision? Is it good?

Bye for now! Kisses! :*

Kisses for you! I always forget about the most important things as well.

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