My life :)
2007-10-28 @ 12:39:49
When I started writing blog I promised you that I add my photos and photo of my dog, house. So, as you see, on my first picture there is my wonderful house which I lived in. :) It's fantastic, isn't it?

I wrote you about my lovely dog Lucky :) It is his photo: is sweet, isn't it?

I wrote that I have three siblings: two sisters and one brother. And this is our photo:
And this is my picture:
What are you think about my life?

Nice to hear you! Yeah, its true yuo havent been here for ages! Good you are better and you're here.
In my case siblings is the same, I mean I have two sisters and one brother too:)and the brother is the youngest -probably the same as you. But I cant guess who are you of these three girls in that photo(?)Im thinking about it...Your picture on which you are only is really pretty, you look very nice and friendly. I like it very much:)
And the dog is sweety.....
See you later
bye bye

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