My school is great!
2007-09-26 @ 17:34:48
Hi! I haven't written recently, I know, but I really haven't got any time! My school is great it's true, but I must learn more and more. It's hard, but I have good marks, so I haven't got reason to worried or be upset :)

I don't leave comments at your blogs but I read them, really! I see new blogs and I'm happy that you write them :)

I have big problems with my friends, especially with boys :(. How can I choose ones of my friends? I can't write anything else, unfortunatelly.

I like english and I'm happy that I write this blog :D.

You read my site at times... don't you? I hope so :)


hi ;) i think U are really interesting;d and Ur bloog is soo sweet :) bye :)
Ofcourse I do!!! and I'll do:-]]]
Yeah we read. :* Congratulations about marks at school. Good day!

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