Why is it so hard???S. I'm sorry that I don't leave comments
2007-09-09 @ 14:39:34
I have great school! I like my new friends, I like my new teachers, I like my subject, I like everythink what is in my school!!!

Yeah... but it isn't true :( I like my new friends - it is true, but my teachers are demanding. My Polish teacher haven't got smile, really! When she try to smile she have strange face... ugh... it's scary... Teacher who teach me physic is... (I don't know how I can called that)... He is scary.
I like my english teacher very much. She is really good teacher.

Today we have church fete. I have some visitors. Oh, no! Is it so late? I must end because I have homework, althought my visotors are waiting! Maybe I'll write at next weekend! Bye!

P.S. I'm sorry that I don't leave comments at your blogs but I really haven't got any time! Thank you for your comments, kisses :*

Hello Izuskkaa! I have a little time to leave comments. I happy with if you are fond of your school. Everybody can see that my comments are very short, but I have no time to writing longer.
Lots of kisses:**
Hi Iza!!!
I hope that your teachers will change and everything will back to the normal!!! it's horrible to always have a cold feet in school :-<
I understand you;-] so I'm waiting to the next post because I'm really curious about your school stories:-]
Take care;-]

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