2007-09-05 @ 21:56:34
It's probably my last note, becouse the school has started and I haven't got any free time! It's strange, but it's true. Teachers give so many homework at start. I wonder how many they will give in a future...

Today I had test. Our english teacher made this test because she want to know how much we know this language. They were fifty questions about everythink from grammar! Tomorrow she will correct this test. I'm so scared! I think that writing blog isn't enought to learn english so I'm must stop writing. Maybe I'll write, but very rarely. I have other dutys.

So good bye my friends :)

I have the same situation. I have no time to write the blog. I only leave comments. I hope that you write something else later. Omg I want to write the blog. see you, Lots of kisses:****
I want to ask you if you could have a little time to writing here:)it'll be very nice if you be here as soon as you can:)
Ive istablished my blog for two days and I even cant to know you:(
but decision is yours

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