2007-08-31 @ 19:47:47
Hi! I can't write too much, because I'm going to meet with my friends! We have a special, maybe very strange, place: a bus stop. Yeah.. it's very strange place to meet with friends but we have got any interesting places to meet! We live in small village so we can go anywhere... Sometimes peoples say that we can't sit there, because it's public place not for funny and meeting... ehh.. Yes? So where can we meet?
We like our bus stop (is this good name?). So we'll meet there always although people are not happy because of our meet :)

What do you think about it? Please write. Are we very bad because our meet-place? I hope not :)

Kisses for all!!

P.S. I'm still happy!!! :D

Some people are stupid!!!
Once I had a similar situation with a one freaky old woman from my village!
I was sitting with my freinds nearby grocery and was late about 11p.m! We were talking drinking and laughing as usuall! but suddanly this stupid lady started to scream and call us she also threatend us that she'll call for a police if we wouldn't go away!!! but wait a minute... it's not her grocery and it'a a public place!!! So we also started to argue with her...and stupid "chick" leaved us alone with a little discontent.
I think that she's too old to look after our business ufff...
So don't worry about it!! People esecialy old people are always the same. They don't know what they want:-)
Take care and see you:-)
maga 84
I think that you can sit where do you want, but you have to remember that someone could call police if you drank on the bus stop. :) you can make with your friends your own bench and then thatone lady can tell you nothing;)
No, you aren't bad! I can't understand what that people prevent, that you meet each other on this bus stop?
I think that it doesn't depend on largeness of city. Everywhere will be people, who will be prevent that you are meet in exactly THIS pleace and you are noisy :)
I apologize for mistakes :)I hope you will understand me :)
I understand you and your friend. I think that you can sit everywhere of course at bus stop. Many young people meet there, for example my mates. So don't worry. Lots of kisses:** :-)
I live in a small town too, but I don't meet with my friends on a bus stop:)) This is very interesting place, many people arrive, You can meet hmm I don't know someone handsome:)
Sometimes I'm very angry, because in the evening for example on Sunday I can meet my friend on the bench in front of my block:)
I think Your place is very orginal and atypical, but very funny:))
Regards for You

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