2007-08-28 @ 21:59:45
Yeah... happiness - thats what I'm feeling now... Why? because I'm optimist? maybe... but it isn't the most important reason... Maybe I'll write about this later :) :D I feel light like a cloud, and I know that I can fly... I feel it inside of me :) What do you think? What is it? Can you answer me? Whats that feeling? http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:W09SGZ0NFoyB1M:http://www.edycja.pl/upload/kartki/459.jpeg
I'm optimist, I'm optimist, I'm optimist!!! I like it :D

"I never had a dream come true til the day I found you!"

I'll be here tomorrow... I hope... :* Bye!

P.S. I'm very very sory for a mistakes, please correct me...

I think that you are full of confidence. It helps you to live. Optimist?? If you are always happy and glad of something you have better life than annoyed and upset people.
Thanks for the comment. See you and lots of kisses:-** :-))

What a mood??? a huge hug and kiss for your optimism:-**

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