What's up!! :)
2006-07-21 @ 10:28:06
Here's new note! :)

Hmm... Maybe I will write something about me :P
I was born in Gliwice fourteen years ago.
I'm into all types of music but at the moment I'm listening to a lot of techno, pop and rock. I love Rammstein, Britney Spears, Casada, Groove Coverage, Sylver, Lordi and Green day. These bands are da bomb!! I listen to music all the time at home - on Mp3 player and the computer, but I love concerts. I often go with my friends.
I'm watching TV now and I'm thinking about... of course, about HIM!! You ask who is he??
He's my boyfriend, his name is Grzesiek. I'm mad about him!!! Unfortunately he's far away from me :( Why??... because of holidays. He come back 23rd... still three days!!
We are together since Together since
8th May 2006 :)

Are there any mistakes?? Please, correct me.
Hi everyone!!
2006-05-06 @ 11:34:28
http://www.gifygg.com/gifs/gifs/911y_hi_3.gifThis's my second blog, but first in english language... My first blog is www.iwona.muzyka.pl.
I'm only 14, and I can't speak english very well, but I want to change it!! I hope that you help me.
Bye!! http://www.gifygg.com/gifs/gifs/744kwiatki.gif
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