End of summer?
2010-08-24 @ 20:32:26
I'm wrong or is the summer comes to the end? I hope that the sun will be shy and shy, I don't want to dress big sweaters and long coat. I hope that autumn will be nice and sunny :)

Ok, I don't what I should write, so I write about the weather - it's never ending topic ;)


I don't want to be mean, but... sun will be shy and shy? (Słońce będzie wstydliwe i wstydliwe?!) I think it should be "I hope the sun will be shining for long, because I don't want to wear big sweater (lub jersey, to to samo) and coat (Określenie long nie jest raczej potrzebne, raczej thick by pasowało, czyli grubej).

The last sentence should be like this: "Ok, I don't KNOW what I should write, so I'll write about weather - you can always talk about it ;)" (Never ending topic is quite ok too but what I wrote previously is better, I think...)
Heh, yeah, you are right :) And it's not mean ;) I'm learning english, and I write in my first post that I want know what I write wrong (I don't know - isn't correct? )And with the sentenc with "I don't want..." I forgot about know ;)

Thx for your comment, that wasn't the best post of mine ;)

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