End of summer?
2010-08-24 @ 20:32:26
I'm wrong or is the summer comes to the end? I hope that the sun will be shy and shy, I don't want to dress big sweaters and long coat. I hope that autumn will be nice and sunny :)

Ok, I don't what I should write, so I write about the weather - it's never ending topic ;)
2010-08-22 @ 15:50:39
Hello :)
THX for comments to my first post :) I will write regularly, because my trip to UK will be faster than I thought - at november!

Yesterday I was in my home town and I meet my bes friend. We know each other from high school. I haven't see her a lot of time and this meeting was very nice :)

On next weekend I want to go to visit my parents and I want to trot out my engagement ring, because my boyfriend (now viance) has proposed me last friday :)

I'm very happy because of that :)


My first note :)
2010-07-30 @ 15:48:30
Hi everyone!

That's my first note on this blog. I decided to keep the blog, becouse i want to go to england and i want to practise my english. I don't use this language for 3 year and I forgot how to speak in english. So I have a request - If someone will be reading my blog,please tell me (write) about my mistaces ;)

Thx :)

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