The first days in a new place!
2007-09-18 @ 15:08:16 I lived in a very beautiful block of flats but at the beginning I felt so lonely.I missed my close family especially my mother and my sister. I got on with them very well. But now I must say sth about my roommates so there was one woman who was about 28.Her name was Gosia. You know that between me and her there was a big difference of age.ok I have to go ahead! I lived with a girl who was 20.(Jolka)She was very strange and maybe shy and it was so difficult to start some kind a convertation between us.Next person was Marcin- older becauce there was younger too.So older Marcin was very serious but later I realised that I can count on him when I was in dire straits. And finally younger marcin.What can I say? I fell in love with him.I was so happy and everything for me was pink....He didn't say a lot but I felt his hand on my cheek and what's important I thought that everything will be fine.I waited for a meeting with him every day.He was shy and maybe introverted but I said 'never mind'. I explained it in this way he was 22 and he has never gone out with a girl but unfortunately later ....cdn.

It began interesting:-) I can't wait to the next part..:-)

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