hello everybody ;p
2007-04-29 @ 15:31:29
This is my new blog describing my little world. As you see ;p it's in English so as to improve it for my FCE exam [which I actually shouldn't pass]. :P please forgive me because my language skills are not good enough to be self confident and to write properly.
Oh and please don't give address of the blog to anybody because I don't want everybody to read it and it's completely private because of my low English level ;p
Today I am not in mood good enough ;p I am bored at all and doing many different things in the internet so as to spend the time and improve my English. Now I'm also reading the book called
My summer of love by Helen Cross. That's the best way for me to learn the language. This book has won many awards because of the "black comedy character" but the language is a little bit difficult for me so I learn new words.
Ok I can't write anything more because I'm to tired of using English today :D
And I have new photos on my photo accounts in the Internet ;p
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