i like this photo
2008-03-09 @ 18:06:40
i like photo with mouth - i don't know why , but only strainght.

obout me (
2008-03-09 @ 17:17:34
Hi !!! wats up???
My name's Rene .I'm girl , however all think than Rene is name boy but this is not the truth.
my hobby ... ?? hmmm.... I like music hip hop and dance . I like my name but i don't like when boys say thay he depends on me and thay love me ( this is only problem). i know i'm strange :) but i don't belief in love such after the week , after the month the being together . in the life so far i have two boys (one sang hip hop - this twisted me) (two boy was funny - i like him , but only like.nothing more ) i can write for you . what you want know about me and obout my live , you add comment what you want know... i can write about all .i have 17 years old . kiss

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