Happy Easter!
2011-04-23 @ 18:42:26
Happy Easter for every readers of my blog!
Spend good time with your family and rested after lots lessons in school ;)
2011-04-23 @ 18:36:54
Hi! Today, like I promised, I will write about Viva organization.
It began in 2000 year, so now it's 11 year when they help animals.
To know its better go to their page or go here.
There are lots of actions which their started and organized. Here are links of some of them:

Not all people can help them with money, so they
posted petitions which can sign every person who is more then 13 years years old.
If you are not old enought please give it to older people (for ex. your parents, sisters, brothers, friends...ect.).

About horses

About horses too

About carp ->fish ;p

More you can find on their page.

and visit this page soon :)

Empty bowl - pusta miska
2011-04-05 @ 19:25:54
http://www.pustamiska.pl/images/banner1.pngYou don't have to have lot of money to help animals.
It is easy and for everyone. You only need to fill the bowl by clicking on a dog in the page pusta miska -> empty bowl, press the banner in the right corner of the page or click here.

If you have your blog or page you can put banner of this actions on it.

Next post will be about viva.org.plso be patient if someone reads this ;p

But if you found any other actions, please write it in the commends or write to me by mail.
Actions in the school continuation
2011-04-02 @ 12:33:25
It is continuation of "Actions in the school"

Last time had problems with blog, that's why I finished post in a half.
I can't put photos, because on our NDM page there is error too.

But today I will write something about "actions in school".
I my school there is Student Council (Samorząd Uczniowski). On a meeting we, I and my friend, said about idea how to help animals.
Two days later, on friday, we put advertisement about action.

On wenesday we started to go through classes and raise money, food, blankets and toys.

We get lots of money. And we will go to the animal shelter maybe next week, because our teacher is ill.

So maybe it's better to try, then feared ridicule.
Actions in the school.
2011-03-23 @ 08:39:13
I have not written this week, because of the time.
Now I'm in sixth class, so we have lots of homeworks. Today we don't have PE lesson, so I have classes for 2 hours. I want to use it to write something.

Today to recomend helping animals I will show you photos from the animal shelter(from NDM-page).
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