Interesting case of Benjamin Button
2015-12-29 @ 14:42:22
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Incredible history of the man, which instead of to grow old, got younger.
Year 2005, hurricane Katrina will approach the New Orleans. Aged woman, Daisy Fuller (Cate Blanchett) asks the daughter (Julia Ormond), in order to the one read the diary of a close friend aloud for her, of Benjamin Buttona (Brad Pitt). The man was born on the day of ending the World War I, 11 November 1918. The mother died at the childbirth, whereas the father disowned him. Because the boy looked like the creased old man. Benjamin found his way to the nursing home for seniors, where it turned out that with age it was getting more and more young. At the end of years 30. Button is signing on a ship and is setting off to the wanderer of many years' standing all over the entire world. After the war he is coming back to the New Orleans. His father, tormented with twinges of conscience, is willing the estate and the entire wealth to him. One day Benjamin is meeting the friend from the childhood - Daisy Fuller. She grew into a beautiful woman, he was rejuvenated. It seems that for themselves they are created.

It seems that for themselves they are created. The affair is blooming oblivious to everything, however anxiety is tormenting Benjamin. The man is aware that Daisy at one time will age, whereas he will turn into the child. When their daughter is born, Button is reaching a conclusion that she should have a normal father. He is diverging, but isn't able to forget .. against Daisy.

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The Help
2015-12-29 @ 14:38:22
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The novel which won hearts of readers worldwide, is published in a new cover in series plain chocolate.
The action is focused relations of black women serving in houses of whites family in the South of the United States in years 60. Of the 20th century. However beneath the layer of the racist subject matter the author hid decks of universal deliberations not only about the being of the humanity and the tolerance, but above all about being in conflict with stereotypes, about overcoming fear, about restrictions, with which everyone we are reporting and which we want to carry. And finally about the friendship and the solidarity which power is able to accomplish wonders. Housemaids are a great written book about surprisingly of freeing power!

Housemaids took by storm reader's market. The novel was published in the United States in February 2009, and in the summer, for six weeks, unbeaten already triumphed on the top one spot of the list of best-sellers "The New York the Times". Altogether Housemaids stayed over 100 weeks at the lead of this list the most held in regard! So far copies of the novel found their way to hands of 5 million readers in 35 countries. Much a film contributed to the success of the book with Emma Stone as Skeeter, Violą Davisw of the Aibileen role and Octavią Sepcer which for the Minny creation got the Oscar.

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2015-12-29 @ 14:34:26
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Everything is pointing at it, that newly-graduated parents, Mac (Rogen Seth) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) are fulfilling exactly their American dream - have a lovely daughter and a house on city outskirts. When they are discovering that their new neighbours are a dozen or so students from the brotherhood Delta Canine of baby's sleeping bag, with which the charismatic chairman is leading Teddy Sanders (Zac Efron), are trying how best to use this bizarre situation.
However events held by the brotherhood are becoming more and more noisy and both sides are starting defending their territory. It is becoming bright, that either students will vacate the house or the young married couple will lose remains of the mental health. A neighbourly war is starting.

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School of emotions
2015-12-29 @ 14:31:20
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Every spring in the small port small town Beaufort in North Karolina, when an onshore wind is bringing the smell to the salt, Landon Carter (Shane West) recalls his spent salad days from for Hollow Sullivan (Mandy Moore), with girl which changed his life. For hollow was a person the first and the last for which he felt real emotion. Completely different from school friends, never cared about it in order to be so, as they. For her the self-confidence didn't depend on the opinion of other people. For hollow, daughter of the local pastor of the Church of Baptists (Peter Coyote), wasn't afraid of showing other the faith is most important in for her living. Landon was completely different, didn't know what he wanted from the life. He spent the free time on doing silly jokes.

One of them had a twist in the tail. Landon and his pals decided "to test" of novice (Matt Lutz) which wanted to get to their package. The initiation was supposed to be held in a local factory of cement and to consist in jumping into the swimming pool. Nobody from them knew that his bottom was full of pipes broken up. The boy jumped. In a minute he sailed out all in blood. Landon jumped into water in order to drag him out. Friends escaped. He avoided the prison, but as part of the rehabilitation had to look pupils after, and participate in rehearsals of the performance in the dramatic club. These classes were supposed to teach sensitivities to other people it. Thanks to them more close he got to know Hollow which also played in this performance. Soon Landon made himself aware, that was in love with an inconspicuous Hollow.

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Three metres above the sky
2015-12-29 @ 14:27:49
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Sixteen-year-old Women's, girl, from the so-called good house, the excellent pupil and the exemplary daughter, as a result of the splice tangled up of cases, are getting to know Stepa, of aggressive hooligan which the life is placing oneself from exercises on the fitness room, of races on the motor and of pointless brawls. In spite of extremely of different characters and the opposition of the overbearing mother Women's, are madly in love with themselves. Under the influence of this love which of course isn't having chances of surviving, they are changing both. Women's he is opening to world, is ripening,
and the Steppe is becoming more reflective, gentler. He is women's with only person which the Steppe entrusts with his/her dark secret which is explaining him aggressive and destructive behaviours. Freely moving in world of notions which determine world of Italian young people, Moccia told unusually credibly and smoothly a universal story about youthful rebellion, pain of growing up and family problems.

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Looking for Alaska
2015-12-18 @ 18:01:33
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The life of Miles Haltera was total boredom all the way to the day, when started the learning at an equally boring boarding school. Then he came across Young Alaska. Beautiful, intelligent, funny, sexy, crazy and to pain fascinating. Alaska twisted Miles around its little finger for itself, drawing into its world and stealing the heart from him. Thanks to her will the boy find what he is searching for? Large perhaps - most intense and real experience of reality.

Deep moving debut of John Green, compared with crucial J.D. rummaging about in the cereal crop of Salinger, it to lead about thinking and sensitive young people. Of intense impressions incited to rebel, searching and the reply to important questions: for love which is toppling world over upside down, for the friendship which they are experiencing to the entire life.

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2015-12-18 @ 17:56:30
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"Love, Rosie" heart knows no master. Love doesn't appear on cue, when it is most comfortably, but when for her the time is coming. In the case for Dew of Dunne and Alex Stewart not much she was in a hurry, although announced early herself. Childhood friends together grew from at first of only a platonic bond. But their clumsiness, difficulty with the confession to what they smelt, caused that they hadn't been able to get used to playing together in the time. So the majority of the film is a history of, how their practical paths are passing each other. When one from them it is ready, suddenly is second unavailable.

It a melodrama very much moving could be, story about missed chances fortunately. "Love, Rosie" is one of the most emotional films which this year came Polish screens across. But he isn't sad history at all. Ahern, and behind her the scriptwriter and the director "Love, Rosie ", are showing that what at first glance can be a wasted time, in fact is essential for heroes to grow up for one's allocation. The fate is slow, but just.

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I was here ...
2015-12-18 @ 17:49:10
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This novel taking over to depths is a history of the Coda Reynolds, of good friend struggling with the suicide. Seeking the answer to a question: \ "what did Meg take it own life for? \" will throw the Coda into the whirl of the travel by the track of the friend which left the squalid small town to the prestigious college, but also to border self-discoveries and to the meeting with great danger. The heroine will be forced to question everything what until now regarded as the certainty. Not only one's relation with wonderful, charismatic Meg - but also meaning of such notions, as the life, love, the death and forgiving.

Gayle Forman in the highest form then again is writing about the most substantial practical problems ­ - of not only young people.

"I was here it excellent in proportion cocktail from the secret, the tragedy and the affair. Gayle Forman is letting us uncompromisingly collect the sincere portrait of the forced person oneself courage which is needed, in order to live farther after the destroying bereavement\ ". Stephen Chbosky
"Not only nice written and moving deeply, but also very Important. Applause. Simply applause\ ". Sarah Dessen.

"Similarly as in stay, if you love Forman proposes us penetrating analysis of a state of limbo between the life and the death. He is writing also about the courage essential to live more far\ ". PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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Let it snow ❄
2015-12-09 @ 18:25:49
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Holidays behind the belt, therefore Beech Forest in the company extremely decided today to set the talented trio of writers of us in holiday mood. Nineteenth of November 2014 it is a date of the premiere of the set very much pleasant in the receipt of stories of the authorship of John Green for us known very well and the two of undefined authors - Lauren Myracle and Maureen Johnson. Ob River women in most cases aren't well-known to Polish readers, however it isn't possible to tell them to attach themselves to the catchy surname of the famous friend: their stories are level and nicely with the story written by the author of our Stars wines are engaging and searching for Alaska.

A storybook is entitled in the snowy night and completely quite well is conveying spirits of the book. For her the action is taking place in very centre of a snowstorm which took the tiny Gracetown small town in. There are holidays, and heroes of stories as a result of an ill-fated series of events are spending them in the distance than closest. Each of them has own history to tell and problems, which as far as are asking about as the rapid solution. , For readers, a possibility of observing life of them from a perspective of the spectator which can see was given us and everything knows. Thanks to that in the course of the reading the reader notices all emotions tormenting heroes and quickly is growing attached to them.

I could not call innovative stories, because in festive stories it is only about so that everyone agree, solved problems and fulfilled dreams. Yet I notice the certain originality, that is showing that the holiday season is not only gifts, Christmas trees and singing Christmas carols, but also the real life which not always is strewn in this book with roses. If we are travelling by train for the Christmas Eve, is very possible that because of the blizzard he will get stuck somewhere half roads. I am buying such solutions and even if everything is having a happy ending, I am not feeling crushed excessive cukierkowatością, because apart from it everyone three author are entering the appropriate dose of the realism into their stories, causing that they are becoming more interesting.

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The Fault in Our Stars
2015-12-04 @ 20:40:52
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Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) these are couple of teenagers which the brilliance joined, dislike for it, as averages and great love. Their connection is exceptional - met at the meeting of the group of the support for persons suffering from cancer. Hazel has 17 years and overprotective parents which he is loving very much, even though are irritating her with the time. Not only similar experience associated with illness, but also love of books are joining her to Gus. The girl is dreaming in order to get to know the author of the favourite novel, of Peter van Houtena (Willem Dafoe). Repeatedly she tried to establish contact with him, but without success. Gus' perseverance is staying awarded. He is managing to reach the writer and is staying invited to the meeting in Amsterdam. He is deciding to take away with himself from Hazel.

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Girl Online On Tour
2015-12-03 @ 17:19:52
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The novel is moving readers into world well-known for the best-selling book "Girl online".

The Noah rock star is setting off in European tournee. He is going to take Penny which directly cannot wait until with himself, until at last will spend time with his remarkable boy more. However it turns out that living en route isn't a dream come true of the girl. Eternally filled Noah is contending with the troublesome friend from the team and with messages filled with threats from envious fans. Penny is starting missing with the family, Elliot and her blog, Girl online. Will she manage to be found in a new situation? Perhaps will he lose everything in pursuit of the dream summer?

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