Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
2016-01-11 @ 20:56:57
Hello Beautiful People !!!

The main characters are Percy Jackson - Posejdona son, Annabeth Chase - daughter the Athens and Grover Underwood - satyr. Zeus is accusing Percy'ego for the theft of its weapon - of lightning of lightning. Percy with the help of friends must clear itself of charges. Luke friend - the Hermesa son is lending the map, thanks to which he will find three pearls which will help him to escape from Hadesu, to him where the boy wants to get in order to rescue the mother. Friends are reaching the garden with sculptures which is showing itself to be a hiding place of the Medusa.

They are managing to defeat her and are finding the first pearl. In order to get second are dawning on to the museum in Nashville, where they are fighting a battle with the Hydra. For the last pearl they are setting off to Las Vegas, and there hypnotized unwittingly are spending five days in the casino Lotus. When they are reaching Hadesu is coming to light who is a real thief of lightning. Percy, his mother and Annabeth are setting off on Olimp;

Grover is staying in basements, because one pearl is missing. Before Olimpem the Posejdona son is having a fight against the Thief of Lightning, whereas very weapon is returned to Zeusa, and to the fight isn't seeking gods. Behind the persuasion Percy'ego Zeus is freeing Grover from Hades.

See you soon !!!

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