Interesting case of Benjamin Button
2015-12-29 @ 14:42:22
Hello Beautiful People !!!

Incredible history of the man, which instead of to grow old, got younger.
Year 2005, hurricane Katrina will approach the New Orleans. Aged woman, Daisy Fuller (Cate Blanchett) asks the daughter (Julia Ormond), in order to the one read the diary of a close friend aloud for her, of Benjamin Buttona (Brad Pitt). The man was born on the day of ending the World War I, 11 November 1918. The mother died at the childbirth, whereas the father disowned him. Because the boy looked like the creased old man. Benjamin found his way to the nursing home for seniors, where it turned out that with age it was getting more and more young. At the end of years 30. Button is signing on a ship and is setting off to the wanderer of many years' standing all over the entire world. After the war he is coming back to the New Orleans. His father, tormented with twinges of conscience, is willing the estate and the entire wealth to him. One day Benjamin is meeting the friend from the childhood - Daisy Fuller. She grew into a beautiful woman, he was rejuvenated. It seems that for themselves they are created.

It seems that for themselves they are created. The affair is blooming oblivious to everything, however anxiety is tormenting Benjamin. The man is aware that Daisy at one time will age, whereas he will turn into the child. When their daughter is born, Button is reaching a conclusion that she should have a normal father. He is diverging, but isn't able to forget .. against Daisy.

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