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2015-12-29 @ 14:38:22
Hello Beautiful people !!!

The novel which won hearts of readers worldwide, is published in a new cover in series plain chocolate.
The action is focused relations of black women serving in houses of whites family in the South of the United States in years 60. Of the 20th century. However beneath the layer of the racist subject matter the author hid decks of universal deliberations not only about the being of the humanity and the tolerance, but above all about being in conflict with stereotypes, about overcoming fear, about restrictions, with which everyone we are reporting and which we want to carry. And finally about the friendship and the solidarity which power is able to accomplish wonders. Housemaids are a great written book about surprisingly of freeing power!

Housemaids took by storm reader's market. The novel was published in the United States in February 2009, and in the summer, for six weeks, unbeaten already triumphed on the top one spot of the list of best-sellers "The New York the Times". Altogether Housemaids stayed over 100 weeks at the lead of this list the most held in regard! So far copies of the novel found their way to hands of 5 million readers in 35 countries. Much a film contributed to the success of the book with Emma Stone as Skeeter, Violą Davisw of the Aibileen role and Octavią Sepcer which for the Minny creation got the Oscar.

See you soon.

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